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"Franconia Remembers, Volume II"

Editor: Jacqueline Walker

Publisher: Franconia Museum, Inc. (2005)


The Franconia Museum unveiled a literary treasure for history enthusiasts with the release of "Franconia Remembers: Volume II" in March of 2005.  This eagerly anticipated second volume in an ongoing series offered a captivating blend of pictures and lore meticulously curated by editor Jacqueline Walker, providing readers with a deeper insight into the rich heritage of the Franconia area.


For aficionados of Franconia history, "Franconia Remembers: Volume II" is a must-have addition to their library shelves. Spanning 95 pages, this second installment is a labor of love crafted by dedicated board members of the Franconia Museum, Inc., as affirmed by Johna Gagnon, treasurer and Board member.  Gagnon explained that the compilation of stories was a collaborative effort, reflecting the museum's commitment to preserving and sharing the region's cultural legacy.  The softbound treatise offers a diverse array of narratives that encapsulate the essence of Franconia's past. From personal memoirs to historical accounts, each story contributes to a rich tapestry of local lore, shedding light on the lives and experiences of Franconia residents across generations.


Jacqueline Walker's influence proved instrumental in gathering the stories featured in the volume, as she tirelessly interviewed long-time Franconia residents and reviewed their extensive collections of family photographs and personal papers. Her dedication to preserving Franconia's legacy shines through in every page of the book, which also pays homage to the camaraderie of the Franconia Lunch Bunch, a group of friends who gather monthly to share stories and memories.


From the history of local landmarks like Ashland Manor to intimate accounts of growing up in Franconia, "Franconia Remembers: Volume II" offers a poignant tribute to the community's past. Through the collective efforts of dedicated individuals like Jacqueline Walker and the Franconia Museum, Inc., these stories are preserved for future generations to cherish and reflect upon, ensuring that the legacy of Franconia endures for years to come.


Here is a listing of each of the stories included in this volume:

  • "Ashland Manor" by Christine Boyce
  • "Lynwood S. Fitzgerald" by Jac Walker
  • "Anthony J. (Mark) & Marilyn Goodheart" by Mark and Marilyn Goodheart
  • "The Higham Family of Franconia" by Diane Burgess
  • "William Edgar Schurtz" by Jac Walker
  • "Mary Evelyn Smith" by Jac Walker
  • "Growing Up in Franconia" by Jean Cole Harper Starry
  • "Memories Pressed Between the Pages of My Mind" by Marjorie Baggett Tharpe
  • "Ward's Corner" by Betty Plaugher, Woody Wise and Paul Gagnon
  • "Old Franconia School" by Jac Walker




Franconia Remembers: Volume 2

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